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Chris Siebenmann's Journal

Thursday, September 15, 2005

2:26PM - Techblog ho

These days I'm writing a techblog over here (or start from the beginning), doing at least one entry a day. It's available on LiveJournal as cks_techblog if people prefer to read it here (and it has Atom feeds if you want to use a feed reader). As a techblog, it's pretty much wall to wall geeky stuff of various sorts; Python, programming in general, Unix herding, Linux, web stuff, random technology things, and so on.

(Yes, this note is rather belated. I was planning to announce it after I'd managed a daily entry for 15 days or so, when I could be relatively confident I could keep up the pace, but then I got distracted.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

12:16AM - This page intentionally left blank

There are many LiveJournals like this, but this one is mine. Or in other words this LJ mostly exists to aggregate all the LiveJournals I want to read (and would be reading anyways) into one convenient place. Please do not adjust your television; regular service will resume shortly.